Over the last few months, I’ve been working on launching The Mozaic.  Although it’s been my holding company for over a decade, it never had any activities.  It simply held some investments.

But now, I’m breathing life into it.  I’m giving it a purpose.  So my first challenge is answering the question, “why do we exist?”  I believe great businesses have a profound understanding of why they exist.  The why must be compelling enough to inspire.  To succeed, The Mozaic will need to inspire its employees and the people with whom it does business.

Inspired companies are special.  They define themselves from the inside out.  The why is so core, so fundamental, that I can’t get to the business of business building until I get this right.

The why will define our culture, our beliefs and our values.  It will enable us to attract people who believe in the things that we believe.  If we get this right, we will have an amazing business with amazing people.  Because when you build a team based on shared beliefs and values, you create an environment where people trust one another.

Trust, I believe, is the foundation for greatness.


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