The Mozaic Way

Since we’ve nailed our why, it’s time to focus on the how.  The Mozaic Way is how we do things at The Mozaic.  It’s comprised of 4 pillars: The People, The Culture, The Process and The Big Dream.

The People.  For a company to be great, the people must be great.  A company will become who it hires (and who it promotes).

The Culture.  We hire people who share our values and beliefs.  We take culture very seriously because when we’re surrounded by a group of people who believe what we believe, something amazing happens.  We start to trust and support each other.  We become a team.  This is the foundation upon which great companies are built.

The Process. We have developed The Mozaic Business System (I’ll be spending lots of time on this in the coming months); a comprehensive approach to building successful businesses.  We apply the principles of The Mozaic Business System to every single one of our investments.

The Big Dream. Every company should have a big, ambitious, audacious goal.  This goal must become the company’s mantra as it aligns everyone in the same direction and gives all stakeholders a shared purpose.

The how is our secret sauce.  But it doesn’t have to be a secret.  Take Toyota for example.  Volumes have been written about the Toyota Production System.  That’s their how.  And yet, few companies have achieved the success of Toyota.

The reason?

The how is not just an instruction manual.  It’s a religion.  And it only works if you’ve nailed the why.  Because while other companies can copy your process, if they have not inspired their people, they will never get off the ground.

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