The Mozaic Launches Deelish Brands

Although the past few weeks have been blogless, they have been quite eventful.  Most of my time has been spent on launching a new business, Deelish Brands.  You can check out the website here.  Deelish Brands is a restaurant franchise company.

Deelish Brands

The business model is pretty straight forward.  First, identify awesome brands.  Next, secure the master franchise rights for Singapore and perhaps Indonesia, where I spend about a quarter of my time.  Third, build out the first few company owned locations in order to perfect operations, optimize the supply chain and market the brand so it gains traction in the market.  Finally, scale the brand locally by finding amazing entrepreneurs as our sub-franchisees.  You can learn more about how we sub-franchise here.

Deelish Brands fits nicely under the mission of The Mozaic, which is to find the world’s most passionate entrepreneurs and work closely with them to create some truly amazing businesses.  The restaurant franchise model is great because we can identify businesses that are already amazing.  All we have to do is bring these brands to our neck of the woods and ensure we execute flawlessly.  Execution is everything.

Fatburger will be the first brand we bring to Singapore.  The fat in Fatburger stands for fresh, authentic and tasty.  It’s one of the fastest growing fast casual burger concepts globally and the company has a great entrepreneurial vibe about it.  The first Singapore location should be up and running within a few months.  I’m excited to share my updates along the way.

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