I love milestones.  When I was younger, I used to journal quite frequently about the milestones I hoped to achieve in life, with specific dates as to when I’d achieve them.  I was pretty diligent at journalling back then and keeping tabs on myself.  Looking back, I think I met every single one of those early milestones.  Promises to myself meant everything – I took them seriously!

At some point, I got way ahead of schedule.  That’s when I stopped journalling.  Maybe I got busy, complacent, comfortable or perhaps I thought I didn’t need to journal anymore because I figured it all out.  I let a small, sneaky part of me take control of the gas pedal.  It was somehow ok to let myself down.  I had achieved enough, right?


It doesn’t work that way.  We all need a sense of purpose.  Direction.  The work we do everyday should be part of something bigger.  I’ve written about Focus, Purpose, Vision in the past.  These words have strong meaning for me.  So today, I make a conscious decision that it’s not ok to let myself off the hook.  I’m actually not quite sure when or how this happened.

The big, hairy, audacious goals of my 20-year old self are just as relevant today as they were 27 years ago.  My 20-year old bucket list:

1\ Teach a college course

2\ Be published

3\ Build a skyscraper

4\ Start an orphanage

5\ Become a billionaire

So the clock resets today.  I’m going to expand on #3 and say build a skyscraper or IPO a company simply because I’m not sure skyscrapers work post Covid.   20-year old Moe would nod in approval.

So this counts as my first journal entry in a very long time and the future (clock) starts now.

If you have a bucket list, please share it.  If you don’t, please put one together.

If you don’t journal about your life, please start.  People care.

6 thoughts on “Milestones”

  1. It’s nice addition applied to the 20 yr olds list. Completion or closure Date should also help though not necessarily important . Keep going 👍🙏

  2. Very inspirational.
    I am a master’s degree holder and had been in Indonesia and Thailand running education and training projects. I realised the wisdom of what you had written about having the “bucket list” as a guide …as milestone. Hope you achieve what you aspired for.

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