Leaders Talk

The most important reason I started this blog is that I want to become a better leader.  I believe that great leaders communicate their vision with incredible clarity and simplicity.  Every word is impactful.  Every word builds trust.  Every word steers the organization in the right direction – forward!  By using the right words, great leaders are able to inspire organizational momentum that seems unstoppable.  Teams come together.  It’s almost magic.

So it would make sense that a leader’s most important and fundamental job is to talk, effectively.  It’s my job, therefore, to learn and understand how to structure effective conversations.  Also, to ensure that effective communication is widespread and pervasive throughout my company.  Because communication happens everywhere.  It happens through email, texting, phone calls, social media, lunchtime chats, hallway exchanges – you name it.

Imagine if the people in your company communicated in a way that is based on:

  • a mutual respect for one another;
  • what is truly important;
  • mutual commitment; and
  • advancing a shared vision.

This is how I envision The Mozaic.  To get there, it starts with the leader.  It starts by recognizing that effective communication is a skill that must be developed.

It starts with a blog post like this one.

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