Helping The Customer Win

There’s a hero to every story.  As an entrepreneur, I’ve sometimes (ok often) been tempted, naively, to think that hero was me.  But when it comes to my business, I am not the hero.  The customer is.

So it turns out, for a very long time, I have been asking myself the wrong question: how do I win customers?  That would make me the hero of the story.  But the customer, rightfully so, doesn’t care about me.

The right question, therefore, is how do I help my customers win?

By understanding what my customers need, and giving it to them, I help them win.  I am a supporting actor in the story.  And if I do it right, I go along for the ride and my business prospers.

If you’re an entrepreneur, I suggest reading the book Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller.

It’s great.

2 thoughts on “Helping The Customer Win”

  1. When I was in Philips we had this punchline. “ the customer is always right”. Though many struggled with it because they got into the ‘form’ of the concept rather than the spirit. I fully endorse your concept of attitude towards the customer.
    Thanks for sharing Moe

    1. Thanks Stephen. Yes, it’s not always obvious how to let the customer win. At times, a customer complaint, which is often what staff focus on, maybe a symptom of the real issue. My view is that companies that have empathy and spend tons of time really understanding their customers and adapting to those needs should have a longer term sustainable competitive advantage. Innovation obviously is a function of this as well.

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