Core Values Should Guide Behavior

Core Values are the principles that the people in your organization believe.  They’re not just a bunch of sentences up on a wall.  They should guide the behavior of a team.  Principles matter.  Behavior matters.

As a young boss, I would often overlook people’s behaviors that were incompatible with the culture I was looking to build in my companies.  I hired different types of personalities and let them clash in ways that weren’t healthy.  I would give employees too many chances to change, only to realize that they would never change.  These were all big mistakes.

As I build The Mozaic, I will try and avoid these same mistakes.  Our Core Values matter, and I expect the amazing people who join our team will walk the walk.

Here are the Core Values of The Mozaic:

Respecting always the three traditions of The Mozaic: Unyielding Integrity, Commitment to Performance and a Hunger to be the Best:

  • We embrace MERITOCRACY by valuing, challenging and rewarding our people
  • We approach everything we do with PASSION and a positive attitude
  • We are GROWTH driven – focused on growing our people, growing our markets and growing our businesses
  • We believe the IDEAS of every person count
  • We embrace SPEED to build companies faster and smarter
  • We drive sustainable, excellent financial PERFORMANCE

These are not just empty words.  Anyone who has ever worked with, or for me knows the passion I bring to each project.  My hunger to be the best.  My loathe of mediocrity.  My vision of building something truly awe inspiring.  My persistence and dedication to the job that needs to get done.

It’s not about ego.  It’s not about money.  It’s about bringing dreams to life.  It’s about working harder than the next guy.  It’s about wanting it more.

That’s why at The Mozaic, we are looking for people who believe in the things that we believe.  Because together, we will achieve greatness.

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