Blimpie Singapore

I probably had my first Blimpie around 35 years ago.  I’ve always favored the brand over other sub shops for a few key reasons:

1\ the ingredients are always super fresh – you can actually see the deli meats sliced in front of your eyes;

2\ the subs have an extra bite when made The Blimpie Way (i.e., loaded with lettuce, tomatoes, oil, vinegar and oregano); and

perhaps the most important of them all

3\ you’ll typically find the owner of each Blimpie working in the store side-by-side with everyone else.

That’s a winning formula for me.

Blimpie is one of those brands that has been around for ages.  Like most brands that have been around for this long, it has had it’s fair share of ups and downs. But it’s not uncommon to meet franchise owners who have been running their Blimpie shop for decades, with loyal customers who keep it going.

That’s not easy.  In fact, it’s down right impressive.

Whenever I visit a Blimpie in the States, I often ask if the owner is around.  They usually are, and they’re usually great human beings.  They share stories, best practices and they have a genuine interest in seeing other franchisees do well.

I’m excited to bring Blimpie to Singapore, not just because Singapore needs another sub shop, but because Singapore really needs more restaurants who obsess about authenticity.  Restaurants that are staffed by folks who obsess about the customer, who obsess about freshness and quality.

Restaurants, who over time, somehow just become part of the neighborhood.

I grew up in Jersey City.  I went to the same high school as the Blimpie founders.  I grew up on Blimpie subs, chomping down in the first few Blimpie locations that ever opened their doors.

It’s crazy that so many years later, I have the privilege to bring this brand to Singapore and share it with you all.

I hope you grow to love Blimpie as much as I do.

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